July 11, 2016

Thirty One Days of Summer 2016 | Week One!

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I am so happy that July is here! And along with it the first week of our Thirty One Days of Summer project! I've got to admit, I struggled some this week with what to take photos! I mentioned in my last post about creating adventure for yourself, but it's just been so hot & I don't feel like going anywhere! So, I'm taking it easy and being okay with capturing photos around our home.

This week's photos include a ladybug I found in our grape vine and forced coaxed onto a stick all while praying she wouldn't fly away! Thankfully, she didn't.
Can you believe it's been 2 months since my dog had puppies? This is Mugsy & I found him in the flower pot pretending he was a flower. ;P
summer sunsets. they are some of my favorite.
our grape vine has been faithfully producing many delicious grapes! we've had a great abundance we even made fresh grape juice! It was deliciously delightful!
my little baby Tiny. She was the first to find her forever home & I'm so happy that all my babies have found wonderful new homes. I may or may not have cried after another of my fur-babies, Oreo, was adopted.
some of my favorite summer colors.
sweet Bella girl keeping an eye out for her mother (aka me ;)

That's all for this week! I've been enjoying this project greatly & I'm looking forward to continuing! I would love to see what beautiful photos those of you who are participating are creating! Feel free to link up below & let's comment on each other's posts!


  1. Wow. Those are such stunning photos I just can't even...
    I can only aspire to be a brilliant photographer like you one day!


  2. these are beautiful!!
    love the colours in that sunset and also the red and orange flowers ♡

    i've been following along on my blog too but i feel like mine aren't nearly as great as these! i'm guessing i just post my link here?


  3. I love your photos so much! I wish I had time to join in on the Thirty-One Days of Summer project. Oh, well. I enjoy your posts!

    (That one of your puppy in the flower pot...awww <3)