July 19, 2016

Thirty One Days of Summer 2016 | Week 2!

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Yay! Week two of the Thirty-One Days of Summer is here! I've been doing a surprisingly good job of remembering to take a photo every day - can I get a woot woot? The words are scattered in my brain & I'm headed to bed in a bit but (ha! alliteration at its best) didn't want to be any more late with this post so here's a list of ten things I'm thankful for:

our newly renovated room...hello white walls and goodbye ugly wooden panelling! // all my pups were adopted by wonderful people // going to cow appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A with my mom and sisters // turning 22 (!) // birthday surprises in the mail // finding sparklers on sale and lighting them on random days // going to bed on time // monsoon season in the desert // God's guidance // the last of the peaches :(

Didn't get a chance to get a linky code so just feel free to leave the links to your posts in the comments :) Thanks for reading and participating!


  1. Woot woot! You have the most lovely photography.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way :)


  2. This makes me smiiiiiile!!! ☺️ Seriously, your photography always has ALL. THE. FEELS. !!! 😍 Gorgeous work, sweet friend!!

  3. first of all: woot, woot! also: happy 22nd birthday!! bwah - did you dress up as a cow?!?? haha! I want a picture!! xD

    here's my week two: http://goo.gl/KZXBtP

  4. Excellent photos! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your summer photos - you're an inspiration. :) Also, happy birthday!

  5. LOVELY! Happy Bday! Here's my week 3: http://wp.me/p62sBX-fo

  6. Week 2: http://www.downhome.me/thirty-one-days-of-summer-week-2/