March 3, 2016

Adventures in Farm Life | A Wordless Post Gone Random

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Ok, so not entirely wordless because I was just informed by my sister that no one wants to read a "post without words". So here I am racking my brain trying to think of what to say. Let's just say words don't come very easily to me. This week has passed in what seems a blur. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were preparing for another day of rest? It's been a busy few days here in our small farm including the birth of this cutie pictured above & contrary to what the post title might read, not all of it is exciting and fun.

At the beginning of this 2016, I was inspired by other people that have chosen a "word" for this year. Kind of like a word to think of as the year progresses or an area in which we want to grow in. I've never done this before but for some reason I chose the word "Adventure". As the year goes by, I'm realizing that adventure doesn't necessarily mean I have to do exciting things with my life in the eyes of others... whether it be traveling the country or making a big difference in the world. It's all about perspective and what I'm choosing to do with the small everyday moments the Almighty has given me.

These are some of the adventures I've had this week & I'm looking forward to making more! What have you been up to lately, friend?


  1. "Not entirely wordless" - haha! Love you! ;) And love that last paragraph you shared- so often I'm trying to find the "next big thing" and in doing so I totally miss for what God has for me right here and now! Let's savor the ordinary, yes? <3

  2. Oh my goodness YES. Yes to every photograph and every face and every flower, yes to every sentence and every paragraph.
    Some days we just don't have the words to write. And some weeks pass in a blur, but living for Him and not for others, doing the little things...those are the best things!!! :D

    1. They sure are! Thanks for your always wonderful comments <3

  3. Simply lovely! :D What a sweet lamb. I also like the affect of the phone with the red flower.
    I like what you said about your word of the year, and your perspective on adventure. Really, our life journey with the Savior is just a life-long adventure! :)
    Lately I've been enjoying friend-time (including getting rained on!), looking for a job, and getting some cleaning done around the house.

  4. Exactly, Paige! It's al about how we look at things...and asking "will I be satisfied with what He has given me today?"

    I hope you will be blessed in finding a wonderful job! And same with cleaning here...why can't dust just take a break? ;)