March 24, 2016

A Spring Story | Video

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A Spring Story from Rosi Rodriguez on Vimeo.
As you all probably know...spring is my favorite season and I'm so happy it's finally *officially* here! I'm no professional videographer but I greatly enjoy piecing videos together and feel like it's my rendition of those VHS home videos we all have in storage. While I love sharing bits of my completely unglamorous life yet extraordinarily beautiful to me, the biggest reason I compile these is because I love going back to my previous videos and seeing the beautiful story the Almighty has been guiding us through. It may be similar to my other videos but this is our spring story.

(P.S. I was a complete dork and totally thought it was a white bloom I was focusing on in the first video's not. Hahaha! Sorry about that y'all!)

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh..this is so beautiful!! I love everything about this video. :) Wonderful job! I was laughing aloud at your lamb chasing the chickens! So adorable.
    You live in a really beautiful place. And how wonderful that spring has blossomed for you! It's still rather cold where I live. :)