January 21, 2016

A List of Good Things

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1. the feeling of lying in bed after a physically tiring but beautiful day.
2. waking up early for three consecutive days. #nightowlatheart
3. this weather that i wish it was year round. chilly at night & in the mornings but then warm in the afternoon and i can go sweater-less.
4. letters in the mail.
5. one of our sheep had her first baby about a week ago, but she is a bit small and had a monstrous sized child. well long story short, her body went into some sort of "shock" where she could not stand up at all after birth & we weren't sure if she was going to make it. well after a few days, she was still alive and today we saw that she is re-gaining strength in her back legs! Halleluyah!
6. potato soup.
7. the thought of friends being at the store and seeing something that reminds them of you. so they buy it & mail it to you. *heart flutters*
9. toasted marshmallow hot chocolate :)
10. new packaging supplies
11. home after being away.
12. tomorrow is friday! and after that a much needed day of rest :)
13. chick-fil-a oreo milkshakes...yum.
14. messy workspaces (but it will be nicer when it's all clean)
15. Isaiah chapter six. His mercy is incredibly great and i cannot even begin to comprehend it.

What are some good (or even less than good!) things that you have been blessed by recently? Let's build  each other up!


  1. I love your design. It makes me sigh in complete pleasure at all the crisp lines. *sheepish grin*
    P.s. I would love to see more posts about your Etsy shop! Especially how you package your products. I think that's super exciting. :)

  2. 1. Fresh peaches
    2. Fellowship with friends who share the same goals as me
    3. Cool rainy weather after hot days
    4. Safety during long trips & also from bushfires
    5. Psalm one
    And of course, reading posts like this is always a blessing too! :)

  3. First off- This post made me smile so much. Love love love it, and amen to it all! <3

    Secondly- That. Picture. Oh be still my heart! What a gift to see such beautiful roses on my screen while I sit in the Arctic cold!!

    Thirdly- You bless me so much, you know that? Sending you big big hugs and so much love! <3