August 1, 2016

Thirty One Days of Summer 2016 | Week 4!

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Thirty-one days. Thirty one days of what was supposed to be an adventure filled glorious summer perfect for sharing online yet somehow didn't quite turn out that way & you know what? I'm completely okay with that. The tagline of this blog is "the beautiful blessings of life" and I'm so happy that God allowed me to be able to capture those small blessings that often go by unnoticed throughout this month. I can't wait to do this again next year, Lord willing.

working on sewing orders
praising & worshiping on the Sabbath day
102 limes harvested from a single tree
nothing like delicious homemade bread
best friends being goofy and having fun at their just for fun emoji themed party
happy little basil plant
in the midst of a deep room clean up
heavy thunderstorms
rain for dayzzzzz
butterflies and their intricate detailing never cease to amaze me.

Thank you all to those who joined me in this challenge! And all those who left such encouraging comments! 

July 24, 2016

Thirty One Days of Summer | Week 3!

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In case any of you were thinking that I've got it all together and am doing great at life...nope I do not! I forgot to take pictures for 2 of these days because I procrastinated at other things & completely forgot! And on one of the days, I wasn't happy with my results so I took photos from a different day. Oh well! I would like to say I'm doing better this week but I've already missed 2 days again!

I really imagined doing lots of fun and exciting things this summer to share but to be honest, adulting is catching up to me and I've got to do responsible things like purchase new tires, then during our room renovation I put my furniture outside & it rained unexpectedly and the wood on my desk and drawer got water swollen so I don't think it will work anymore. Expenses = not a lot of extra cash for fun stuff. But I'm choosing to look at the bright side and choose joy! And I'm loving the photo results from this week!

Feel free to link up below!

^^top photo^^: farm fresh eggs courtesy of our chickens
my favorite shot from this week! People shots are my favorite buuuut there's not a lot of people to photograph! 
rainy days are my favorite!

pretty fabric
the last of my tomato harvest

July 19, 2016

Thirty One Days of Summer 2016 | Week 2!

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Yay! Week two of the Thirty-One Days of Summer is here! I've been doing a surprisingly good job of remembering to take a photo every day - can I get a woot woot? The words are scattered in my brain & I'm headed to bed in a bit but (ha! alliteration at its best) didn't want to be any more late with this post so here's a list of ten things I'm thankful for:

our newly renovated room...hello white walls and goodbye ugly wooden panelling! // all my pups were adopted by wonderful people // going to cow appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A with my mom and sisters // turning 22 (!) // birthday surprises in the mail // finding sparklers on sale and lighting them on random days // going to bed on time // monsoon season in the desert // God's guidance // the last of the peaches :(

Didn't get a chance to get a linky code so just feel free to leave the links to your posts in the comments :) Thanks for reading and participating!

July 11, 2016

Thirty One Days of Summer 2016 | Week One!

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I am so happy that July is here! And along with it the first week of our Thirty One Days of Summer project! I've got to admit, I struggled some this week with what to take photos! I mentioned in my last post about creating adventure for yourself, but it's just been so hot & I don't feel like going anywhere! So, I'm taking it easy and being okay with capturing photos around our home.

This week's photos include a ladybug I found in our grape vine and forced coaxed onto a stick all while praying she wouldn't fly away! Thankfully, she didn't.
Can you believe it's been 2 months since my dog had puppies? This is Mugsy & I found him in the flower pot pretending he was a flower. ;P
summer sunsets. they are some of my favorite.
our grape vine has been faithfully producing many delicious grapes! we've had a great abundance we even made fresh grape juice! It was deliciously delightful!
my little baby Tiny. She was the first to find her forever home & I'm so happy that all my babies have found wonderful new homes. I may or may not have cried after another of my fur-babies, Oreo, was adopted.
some of my favorite summer colors.
sweet Bella girl keeping an eye out for her mother (aka me ;)

That's all for this week! I've been enjoying this project greatly & I'm looking forward to continuing! I would love to see what beautiful photos those of you who are participating are creating! Feel free to link up below & let's comment on each other's posts!

June 20, 2016

Thirty-One Days of Summer 2016

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Happy Summer, friends! I've never been a huge summer lover (hello 115° Arizona summers!) but somehow as I get older, the though of it excites me more and I mind it less. Also, having a summer birthday might contribute to the excitement!

During the summer of 2014 + 2015, I've been doing a little photo challenge in which I document the joys and moments of summer, & this year I'm doing it again & extending the invitation to you! This challenge hasn't only allowed me to capture some of my favorite photos but it pushes me to get out there and live a fulfilling life + find or make adventures!

Starting July 1st, I will be starting the "Thirty-One Days of Summer 2016" challenge, in which I will take a photo every day for the month of July and will be blogging my results on a weekly basis. And like I mentioned above, I want you to join me on this journey! DSLR or iPhone, it doesn't matter what equipment you have, the point of this challenge is to step out and be creative and make happy moments!

>>More Details
-DSLR photos or iPhone, or a mix of both! Whatever you want!
-Let's encourage each other and share our photos on Instagram using the hashtag #thirtyonedaysofsummer2016. Yay for community! (Follow me on Instagram here!)
-I'll be blogging my photos weekly, feel free to do the same or post whenever you have time! (If we have enough people, I can even set up a linky so we can visit each others posts!)
-One thing that has happened to me before is that on a busy day, I might forget to take my camera out for the day & end up taking a lame night shot of the dust on the rug or something crazy and totally unmeaningful. This year I'm gonna do my best to be disciplined and intentional first of all, but if I miss a shot, I'd rather make it up the next day with a creative shot that means something. So, feel free to do the same!

I'm so excited about this! Will you join me in this challenge?

June 8, 2016

And I Then I Took Pictures Of My Newborn Puppies

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About a month ago, my sweet dog Bella had puppies {again!} While I had been keeping her in a pen in hopes of having her take a break, she ended up escaping one day and we are again! But with their sweet faces, how can I be mad?

After realizing they enjoyed being swaddled, I couldn't resist but capture these photos of them! And oh man, they melt my heart! Just look at these sweet faces and tell me if they don't melt yours!