October 18, 2015

Heeello October! + A Summer Recap

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Happy fall friends! I'm so excited it's finally fall...ok not quite yet here in AZ, but we are getting there slowly! We had a big thunderstorm a few night ago which I loved and that seems to have encouraged fall a bit more. It's been a crazy few months with a few bumps along the way but the Almighty has guided us this far & I trust He will not abandon us now!

I didn't mean to neglect my little blog through the month of September but hey... #lifehappens. Between re-launching my Etsy shop, preparing for a week of camping (aka...Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles), finishing up several design projects, shooting a wedding (!!!) traveling during the weekend to attend worship services for the past 2 months as well as just enjoying day by day and having some lazy days mixed in there ;)
1. photoshoot for my Etsy shop. // 2. working on products // 3. pretty sunset. // 4. bible reading while traveling. // 5. my beloved Inn-N-Out. // 6. crafting challenge with the sis
7. opposite matching with my sis. // 8. new chickies! // 9. polka dots + Stripes. // 10. bible time. // 11. red roses. // 12. sukkot time!
13. Last frappe of the season! // 14. waffle fries..yum! // 15. CEREMONY site...wedding time!

Left: wearing my lilla rose clip! // Right: got my hair cut + Layered &I love it!  

How was your summer? What's your favorite thing about fall?