August 10, 2015

Thirty One Days of Summer | Final Week!

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I had been looking forward for July all year and now I can't believe it has already passed! I'm so happy I decided to embark on this Thirty One Days of Summer and that I have a small snippet of each day to remember my 21st summer of life. It was a grand adventure and I must confess that I kinda sorta missed a couple of days in between but nothing a next-day shot couldn't fix. Thank you all for following along with me and your lovely encouraging comments! I will hopefully be doing this again next year, so get your cameras ready! ;)

In case you missed it, here is: Week One, Two, & Three.


  1. Another nice collection of photos! I think my favourite is the last one; it seems to tell a story. And, I'm even more intrigued about your sewing projects now!

  2. Hooray for completing the challenge, Rosi! I most certainly enjoyed checking back each week!

    Plus, that tee is super cute! Details... Please :)

  3. *sniff sniff*

    I can't believe this challenge is over already! I've so loved seeing your work (and frequent posts, too!)- you have a gift, and I cannot wait to see where the Father will do through it!

    Love you dearly!

  4. Hey Rosi!! I haven't stopped by your lovely blog in a while - and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your design and happy pictures. Officially stopping by more often when I have Wifi. :)

  5. Your blog is really nice, and I like it. :) I hope you check out my blog and please follow by email. I also have a giveaway going on right now. :)

    And here's my crochet store.
    I would love to make something for you! :D

  6. P.s. Super random because this post is old, but I just have to tell you: your new profile picture?!?! I LOVE IT!

    1. Pshhh girl! Mine? YOUR new profile picture is the, Mrs. Durie! ;)