July 30, 2015

In Which I Tell You Five Random Facts About Me

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The wonderful Jessica from Apples of Gold tagged me the other day to do this blog post & I'm taking my own spin on it & adding five random things about me {that you probably didn't care to know}! Here goes!

1. I'm currently obsessed with printing pictures. I've had 2 offers from Shutterfly for 101 free prints and though I've tried to resist, I end up getting them a couple hours before the offer expires. I just can't resist! They are perfect for hanging on the walls, adding to albums, you name it!

2. I think I finally found my photo style! For several years I've tried to find my photography style and tried so many styles even when I knew they weren't "me" and now instead of fighting what it was all along, I've embraced the fact that I like my photos not overly edited with a touch of brightness and increased contrast..very basic touches and something that truly fits me.

3. I was public schooled my entire life! I graduated several years ago and am so thankful for that! It was a really tough time of my life and I am beyond thankful to my beautiful mom for never letting me quit though I begged her to many times!

4. After a long break from sewing, I am finally feeling re-inspired! I made a knit dress the other day and after a big mistake when trying to draft my own bodice (very big flop), I bought a pattern and I really love it!

5. Shoulders by for King & Country has been my favorite song since I first heard it. And this song just makes me happy :)

And these are the questions that Jessica asks:

1. What's the best thing that has come out of blogging for you? I love the community and friends I've met! Your comments make me happy & I love responding to them! But even if there was no comments, I love how this little space has become my journal & looking back to old posts & seeing those memories is wonderful.

2. What's one thing you've learned recently? My future is in the hands of my Heavenly Father! Men can/will fail but He is always Faithful!

3. Describe yourself in five words. Crafty. Blessed. Optimistic. Photographer. Redeemed.

4. Where is your favorite place to write? Hahaha. Probably nowhere...writing is not my forte. I blame it on school essays :P

5. Do you have a favorite flower? What is it?

6. Tell us about a book you feel like talking about - any book.
I recently won a book in Alisha's blog party, it is called "One Thing I Desire" and though I haven't received it yet, I am excited to read it!

7.What are you top three tips on how to enjoy life to the fullest?
Enjoy the small things. Trust in the Almighty. Count your blessings!

8. Share something that's inspired you lately - anything: a photo, post, blog, article, book, etc.
I can't seem to think of any right now! This is what happens when I leave a post until late at night...

9. Do you prefer rainy winter days by the fire, or warm summer days at the pool or beach?
Rainy days all the way! Rain is a rarity here in the desert so when we do get it in the winter, I love cuddling up in a warm blanket with a nice cup of coffee while watching a good movie.

10. What's been the best part of your day so far?
I love that I got a lot of sewing done today! Feeling productive is awesome :)

Phew! That was longer than I expected but very fun! Thanks, Jessica for thinking of me & tagging me! If you read this entire post, thank you! Feel free to leave a random fact about you - I'd love to get to know you all!

July 23, 2015

Thirty One Days of Summer | Week 3

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Summer has never been a favorite season of mine. As a young girl, we almost never went swimming or any such activities but mostly stayed indoors and while I can't yet say it is my favorite, i don't seem to mind it as much! Besides our fun summer week when our friends came to visit, we haven't done anything terribly exciting and life as mostly consisted of book reading (thanks to a wonderful friend for lending us the Elsie Dinsmore series!), a lot of sewing orders getting completed, and trying out a new craft...journaling /scrapbooking!) Though I slacked on the photo challenge a bit this week (1 day missed & 2 late night pictures), I am thankfully all caught up & a loving all the fun memories I am capturing. Plus that last shot? It's my favorite. I love the vibrant summer colors!

July 16, 2015

Thirty One Days of Summer | Week 2

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This week I turned 21. Like I wrote in a letter to a friend, 20 was a rough year. It brought me to my knees in prayer more than I had ever been before and made me cry and call out to the Almighty for guidance and direction. But through it all, just as He has promised, He never left my side but walked with me and comforted every step of the Way, and now that He has brought me out of darkness once again and into His marvelous light, I can say that he turned my world upside down in the best way ever. Our Heavenly Father is good all the time and I put my trust in Him once again with another year of my life because I can't wait to see what wondrous things He will do.

July 13, 2015

Thirty One Days of Summer | Week 1

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A list of wonderful things about summer:
+ Going barefoot - the feeling of the cool floor or wet dirt on my toes
+ Rainy summer days - but not the sticky humidity afterwards
+ Amazing sunsets - showing the Glory of our Maker
+ Gardens & harvesting - tomatoes, figs, peppers, you name it!
+ Color everywhere - beautiful shades of color everywhere I turn
+ Ice cream, chocolate chip frappes, frosted lemonade & popsicle - need I say more?
+ Successfully completed the first week of the challenge - yay!

What are some of your favorite summer things?

July 2, 2015

Bowling Fun + A Video | Summer Adentures

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Bowling Fun | Summer Adventures from Rosi Rodriguez on Vimeo.
So when our friends, Aline + Josh came for a visit a few weeks ago, we decided it would be fun to go bowling! They had never been bowling before and we had a wonderful time together. The next morning we also visited the children's museum and learned a lot! I took small clips from our trips & compiled them into a small video and love remembering all the memories we made!