June 18, 2015

A Zoo Day | Summer Adventures

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Last week our good friends Aline + Josh came to spend a week with us, and boy...did we ever have a blast! Among our many adventures (which I will be posting soon...i hope ;) was a trip to the zoo! It has been several years since I last visited and seeing the amazing animals, their humid environments, and the tropical greenery was just incredible. I know that though I would like to see more of our Heavenly Father's creations, I could never get to explore all of it in this lifetime, and seeing a snippet of the animal kingdom left me marveling at the works of His Hands.


  1. your editing is flawless and your siblings are the cutest. and that shot of the peacock...wow!

  2. Thanks, Abigail! The peacock was seriously that close & i loved capturing its gorgeous colors!