January 27, 2015

Before January Ends...

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one of my (unofficial) goals for this 2015 was to post more, and so far it doesn't seem like that has been happening! i'm totally okay with that though, and I realize everyday more that there are so many other important things to do & just learn to let it go (see what i did there? ;) i'm thankful for my Heavenly Father's guidance this month as He continues to mold me, strengthen me and show me that His plans are not the same as mine and just learn to trust in Him always. it's been a beautiful month and i'm excited to see what is in store for February!

snippets from this month:
1. aaahhh! did this really happen? | 2. pretty flowers in the midst of winter | 3. views while traveling | 4. pretty letters | 5. fellowshipping | 6. morning hot chocolate | 7. my adorable dog being adorable ;) | 8. matching bracelets & sister power | 9. my life this month: sewing - thank you Abba (Father) for blessing my business!