December 31, 2014

Two Thousand & Fourteen | Recap

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I've always enjoyed reading re-caps that other people do on their blogs at the end of the year, so i figured why not do one of my own? above all, this year has been a greatly blessed one, tough in a lot of ways but through all the trials, i was forced to spend more time on my knees, drawing closer to my Heavenly Father and by His goodness and grace alone, His joy and strength always comes in the morning. trials and challenges are all a part of the race of this life & through it all i want to grow and trust in my Savior. that said, here are my 2014 highlights!

+ i began this little blog of mine! i can hardly believe it has been a year of documenting all of the beautiful blessings of life.
+ adopted my beautiful & very faithful little girl, Bella.
+ our first broody chicken in the new house! found her hidden nest after noticing she had been "missing" for several days.

+ after a warm winter, signs of spring already showing up!
+ got a little too excited about spring and wrote several posts about it. my favorite? the day the tulips bloomed.
+ a little garden update, spring is my favorite season!
+ 3 sheep joined our family; Barry, Lily, & Tilly >>April
+ sweet Bella became a mommy for the first time! had 5 adorable little puppies. + this girl made this entire quilt top by hand (!), a gift for a friend's new baby girl :) let's just say she covered several audiobooks while making it ;)

+ world's largest sunflower? biggest I've ever seen!
+ the garden just kept growing and growing... all the praise to the Almighty who gave the growth.

+ added a lens to my collection, the 28mm 1.8! i love this lens especially since i've got a crop sensor camera & this lens works great in reduced spaces :)

+ ate lots of delicious grapes from our garden...
+went on a homeschool field trip to the botanical gardens & had a picture overload.

+ i turned 20. *gulp* goodbye teen were good to me!

i bought this camera bag after being tired of lugging my huge honkin' black camera whenever going somewhere non-important & just needing my camera and lens & i love it! it's small and cute.
+ the harvest continues...

+ silly Billy joined our family.
+ the blog got a new look

+ another year older!

+ visiting the pretty city was a dream come true! i'd always wanted to take pictures there & this was the day and was a beautiful day it was.

+ fellowshipped and just had a blast celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles {Sukkot}.

+ took a day trip to the mountains, my first time ever being up there. Every curb in the road and glimpse of a new sight made us all catch our breath at the sight of such beautiful views! we did not know such beautiful trees grew in the's funny how the different the environment can get with just driving an hour away!

+ life also consists of ordinary things such as spending the entire day vacuuming & cleaning my truck... thankfully my handsome dog, was so faithful as to join me (& distract me by wanting to be petted half the time).
+ learned how to make friendship bracelets and was commissioned to make 20 of them. sounds easy right? not! they do make colorful photo subjects though!
+my bestie came to visit! we had not seen each other for a couple of years, so it was a huge blessing to see her again & have her delightful company. love you bestie! thank you for your friendship & encouragement...blessed beyond measure to have you!!!
^^photo credits to bestie^^ 
to all who have been so kind to take time out of your day to read my blog and bless me greatly with your words of encouragement (Sonja, Charlotte & Jess to name a few)...thank you! it means a lot to me! :) I'm excited to see what 2015 has in store! 


  1. You never cease to inspire me with your fantastic photography work!

    Many blessings to you & your 2015!


    1. Same here! Always feel inspired after seeing your amazing portraits :) May you have a blessed joy filled year, Charlotte!

  2. happiest new year to you, Rosi! i do love year recap posts, too, and seeing a year's worth of your lovely photography laid out here is wonderful. you truly capture life's everyday joys.