June 26, 2014

of summer days & flower bouquets

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a small summer list:

>>this beautiful lens arrived in the mail a few days ago (who am i kidding? it's about to be a week!). Last friday, after jumping up at the slightest noise of what might be the UPS truck, I finally gave up sitting by the window to make pizza for lunch when lo and behold the package was delivered at our door and I didn't even notice! Needless to say, I spent all evening admiring it's beauty and sturdiness taking pictures with it :)

>> picking and eating deliciously sweet grapes from the garden

>>photo shoot with a summer bouquet because everybody else was busy :P

>>amaranth makes for a beautiful photo subject

>>Psalm 119 is full of wonderful promises and encouragement

annnd...that's all I can think of...what have y'all been up to this summer?


  1. Congrats Rosie! Your pictures are just as stunning as ever! Ah, how I wish we could have a small vineyard of our own! It must be such a treat to go outside every day and pick them for a snack! We have some straggly little blueberry bushes, and two rows of productive raspberry canes to make up the fruit in our garden. I love raspberries! But the idea of having your own grapevines has always been romantically appealing. Do you like raspberries?

    Just wondering, would you say that the way you and your family live would be called self sufficient? I remember seeing pictures of a cow being butchered a while back, and it struck me that it appears you are living out Gen. 1:28 in every sense of taking dominion of the earth. If you do live self sufficiently, how did your family get to this point? I know these are a lot of questions! Perhaps you could do a blog post on this? I would love to know more about the girl behind the camera! :)

    Your sister in Christ,

    The eldest sister & singer

  2. Simply wonderful!! Congrats on the new lens (those are de bamb as far as mail goes :D)