June 26, 2014

of summer days & flower bouquets

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a small summer list:

>>this beautiful lens arrived in the mail a few days ago (who am i kidding? it's about to be a week!). Last friday, after jumping up at the slightest noise of what might be the UPS truck, I finally gave up sitting by the window to make pizza for lunch when lo and behold the package was delivered at our door and I didn't even notice! Needless to say, I spent all evening admiring it's beauty and sturdiness taking pictures with it :)

>> picking and eating deliciously sweet grapes from the garden

>>photo shoot with a summer bouquet because everybody else was busy :P

>>amaranth makes for a beautiful photo subject

>>Psalm 119 is full of wonderful promises and encouragement

annnd...that's all I can think of...what have y'all been up to this summer?

June 9, 2014

I Will Be With You | Isaiah 43:2

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I was browsing through my archived photographs and I stumbled through this particular photo which I had completely forgotten that I had taken! I love the beautiful blue water, but most of all, I love the memories behind this photo. So I only though I'd be appropriate to add a beautiful verse to it, and with a bit of searching, I found a verse that was recently shared with me and was such an encouragement and blessing, so I only felt right that I share it too :) Hope you are all having a lovely day!