January 28, 2014

Meet Bella | Wino's New Wife!

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This beautiful winter morning was received with anxiety and excitement by a bunch of early risers excited to see and pet the extremely cute visitor that had arrived the evening before. Meet Bella, the cutest, calmest, most adorable Dachshund/Chihuahua girl dog! After pondering and thinking yesterday that time goes by so fast and Mr. Wino was not getting any younger, we quickly hopped online and began the search for his bride to be :) 

It was not long before we found the perfect match, only to contact the owner and get notified that she was already spoken for :( Nothing a little prayer can't fix and about half an hour later, we were contacted back by the owner telling us if we wanted her, she was ours!!! We praised the Father, hopped on the truck and brought this little cutie home with us. She has been so good and is loving the farm life!

Well, it's sunny and warm outside and I am off to pet Bella some more! Hope your day is very blessed!


  1. AHHH!! So cute! She's the perfect little wife for Wino! What does he think of her? :-D

    1. He was very excited yesterday, but she wasn't to interested, but she is feeing playful today and he is being a boring old man ;) He is kinda ignoring her but not running away which is good :) I think he's mad because she stole his bed last night and is taller than him ;D lol