February 12, 2017

Hello + changes coming to the EJ Blog!

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Hey friends! Hope you are all doing good! Life around here has been so busy + blessed and just all around great. I hope to be sharing some photos I've been taking soon but for now I just wanted to let you all know that my everydayjoyblog.com domain will be expiring soon & since I won't be renewing it, the blog will once again become everydayjoyphotography.blogspot.com! Hopefully, it will be a seamless transition but in case you don't see the posts, you'll know where to find me. ;)

I do post on Instagram way more frequently, so feel free to check that out! Thanks for reading!

August 1, 2016

Thirty One Days of Summer 2016 | Week 4!

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Thirty-one days. Thirty one days of what was supposed to be an adventure filled glorious summer perfect for sharing online yet somehow didn't quite turn out that way & you know what? I'm completely okay with that. The tagline of this blog is "the beautiful blessings of life" and I'm so happy that God allowed me to be able to capture those small blessings that often go by unnoticed throughout this month. I can't wait to do this again next year, Lord willing.

working on sewing orders
praising & worshiping on the Sabbath day
102 limes harvested from a single tree
nothing like delicious homemade bread
best friends being goofy and having fun at their just for fun emoji themed party
happy little basil plant
in the midst of a deep room clean up
heavy thunderstorms
rain for dayzzzzz
butterflies and their intricate detailing never cease to amaze me.

Thank you all to those who joined me in this challenge! And all those who left such encouraging comments! 

July 24, 2016

Thirty One Days of Summer | Week 3!

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In case any of you were thinking that I've got it all together and am doing great at life...nope I do not! I forgot to take pictures for 2 of these days because I procrastinated at other things & completely forgot! And on one of the days, I wasn't happy with my results so I took photos from a different day. Oh well! I would like to say I'm doing better this week but I've already missed 2 days again!

I really imagined doing lots of fun and exciting things this summer to share but to be honest, adulting is catching up to me and I've got to do responsible things like purchase new tires, then during our room renovation I put my furniture outside & it rained unexpectedly and the wood on my desk and drawer got water swollen so I don't think it will work anymore. Expenses = not a lot of extra cash for fun stuff. But I'm choosing to look at the bright side and choose joy! And I'm loving the photo results from this week!

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^^top photo^^: farm fresh eggs courtesy of our chickens
my favorite shot from this week! People shots are my favorite buuuut there's not a lot of people to photograph! 
rainy days are my favorite!

pretty fabric
the last of my tomato harvest